Beyond the body symbolism – Martina Matencio

There are artists that can capture a moment, instants of our life impressed on a picture forever. Some artist go beyond, capturing souls and essence of their subjects. And that’s the case of Martina Matencio, Instagram sensation (@lalovenenoso) that represent, through body parts of their models, what hides behind their eyes or faces. Delicate in her strength, strong in her fragility, those pictures are the symbols of what is to be a woman nowadays. Enjoy the interview.


Where do you take inspiration from your pictures?

I get the inspiration from each person I work with or from myself. For me, my work is almost an impulse of what is going on at each precise moment. If I have to say something or give any directions I do, but most of it comes naturally on its own. Being a photographer is not only shooting pictures, I think you have to have something inside you, something to say, and want to communicate it. When I shoot, that’s my moment to let it all out. Obviously, the person being photographed has a very important role, without them, the picture would not be the same, it would be something else: humans have amazing capacities.


You have a very soft style of photography, are there some influences by artists?

I don’t really have specific references. I do check a lot of websites and Instagrams, but I do not have any particular influences, I like photography in general.


When does your passion for taking pictures started?

At 16, when I did a family trip to Cuba. I remember it was there where I felt I wanted to photograph everything, I loved taking pictures of people and feeling that I would be able to capture their gaze forever. It was a really great trip, it filled me with so much and I felt I wanted to learn more about photography. The only downside was that, when I developed all the pictures, they were all blank. That disaster made me want to learn more and keep taking pictures all my life. At least, I was able to keep the memories.


Your subjects are always beautiful women in abandoned poses. Why did you choose to represent the feminine?

My only criteria is to be comfortable when shooting. I love women and I feel with other women we are able to create a different sort of strength. I believe that women are different from men, I believe in our connections, in ourselves.


What is to be a woman for you nowadays?

Women are so diverse, I don’t think there’s a single way to be a woman. Although it is true that menstruating and feeling that I have a mighty sexual feminine energy (an internal force) connects me with myself and reconciles me with my body. I suppose that happens to a lot of women, I guess we can somehow call it our gender identity. We have a lot in common, such as facing and fighting oppressive situations or resisting sexist mandates, etc… Being a woman, still in 2017, is somehow difficult, yet I believe we are more and more in a better position.


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