The Dreamy Surreal World of AYKUT AYDOĞDU

Aykut Aydogdu creates surreal digital art that is dreamy and romantic that have a soft colour pallette and a dramatic edge. The textures that the paintings have give the illusion that these pieces are carefully painted with a brush rather than constructed through a digital medium.


The surrealism in the pieces transfers the onus of understanding to the viewer as we are not presented with the strictly obvious. The works are all dynamic and evoke imagery of the natural world. The detail in the works is hyper-real which further increases the surreal nature of the paintings.


Aykut is Turkish and is based in Istanbul and the more that you look at his pieces the more you are drawn into a poetic world of his making. Softer hues dominate and add to the dream-like allure that is created with symbolic icons repeated in many of the pieces such as doves, roses and planets.


Scale is also played with by placing objects in unusual locations and creating drama and evoking emotion. The result of these techniques is that the viewer is given an insight into the human mind and soul as we are transported to this alternate world filled with symbolism.


Although we are given nods toward the old in the form of the symbols that are used, the works make use of modern pop culture references.There is usually a focus on portraiture but the artist does sometimes vere into landscapes and seems to be equally adept at both genres. The layered imagery and iconography pull us into the depths of the multiple stratum of meaning so that the viewer feels quenched after their interaction with Aykut’s work.


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