Flavio Carvalho – Genesis of Sport

Flavio Carvalho: a graphic designer and art director specialized in creative strategies and visual concepts.

Flavio Carvalho says “I love minimal and modernist aesthetics, and at my spare time I love to mess around with 3D”.
Corresponding to the “images” in the phases and sports, I find a similar tripartite system of emotions that is reflected in Carvalho’s art. 
First, there is the inner emotional state, the artists/sportspersons drive and will is highlighted he mentally prepares himself for the task at hand (which needs to be supplemented with hours of hard work).



One notes the necessary emotional involvement in the sports/art-act itself. To perform an action at optimum level the artist/sportsperson needs to emotionally immerse himself in it and be totally involved. I find that in many Carvalho’s work that will yell and summon all his feelings while executing a particular maneuver.



Although such points may be obvious, it’s a necessary link towards a conception of sport as fundamentally expressive. Lastly, if we focus on aspects of the emotions and expressivity in sport/art as they relate to the viewer or fan. 

In these images, one can visualize a sense of the mass euphoria created by the 3D modelling or the cultural dialogue that follows that link art and reality. 

However, if we could equally focus on one sport or art-form with its particular history (a knowledge-base or capital that players and fans alike may be privy to), its specific artistry and tempo – all of which create unique flavours of emotions at pertinent junctures within the time allotted within the confines of the said sport or art-form…as Carvalho expresses in the idea of ‘Soft Bodies’ Thus, my argument is broad and general even as the images are associated with particular emotions.



Focusing on the “act” of Carvalho expression – inner resolve/intention – I may follow that sport consists of the achievement of excellence and perfection  and gives us a measure for what we do.

It reveals to us the magnitude of what can be done if energy is channelled and of what we can be at the limit of bodily capacity. The successful 3D designer intuits this and wishes to push the yardstick of human potential and make actual a new level of sporting excellence. 


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