Giulia Bersani – Exploring the vulnerable touch of human sentiment

Giulia Bersani offers a slice of blunt nostalgia with her images.

What is most striking about Giulia Bersani‘s work is the raw, intimate atmosphere that usually characterizes her pictures. Gifted with an extremely personal vision, Bersani has dedicated much of her career to the exploration of the originality of human nature through imaginary emotional worlds. Transporting us immediately to her world, the tender photographs of the 26-year-old girl based in Milan reflect a certain profundity that is airy and light-hearted, floating between fantasy and reality. She captures on film the innocent nature of her subjects with purity, curiosity, and melancholy without any artifice. The approach is honest and playful. The photos convey a heartfelt dimension that she would love to connect and share with others.

To start with, what got you into photography? 

Since I was a child, I’ve always had a terrible fear of death and loss. I’ve found in photography a way of capturing and keeping with me the memory of important moments and details of my youth.

Looking through your work. One can capture the innocent nature of your subjects with purity, curiosity and melancholy. Was there a specific point in time where you felt that you had found your voice in photography and became satisfied with the direction of your work with such intimacy? 

I think my voice became more and more personal with time. I started to experiment when I was 19 and since then I slowly discovered, one by one, all the aspects of my character and my taste. Back then I was quite shy and photography was also an excuse to get closer to people and to observe them, it was instinctive to choose a very intimate point of view. A kind of need I had.

Your photographs have been the source of inspiration for the younger generation. I personally feel that there is a shared narrative within your approaches. What is it that inspires you? 

I find inspiration in daily life. I like to study each gesture we instinctively do and each detail we take for granted and to imagine what stands behind it. I feel like I’m hunting stories. Also, my personal question marks and problems are fuel for my artistic production. I find them reflected in the subjects I choose, and I feel less lonely.

What has been your favorite photo series, both in terms of the process of shooting and the final product?

It’s very difficult to choose my favorite series because they were all born from very different processes. One of the works that made me feel better (by “better” I mean lighter) is “Lovers”. It really warmed me up and made me more positive and hopeful.

Do you have any advice for young photographers who are looking to break into the industry in Milan?

I don’t think I’m the right person to ask for suggestions about the industry. Maybe I would say “Be yourself. Don’t think too much and follow your instinct”.


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