Gloria Gorni – Art for self-theraphy

Gloria Gorni is a 23-year-old painter based in Milan. Gloria’s creative journey began at an early age, influenced by her architect mother’s passion for art.

Graduated at Brera Academy of Fine Art in Milan, the painter has produced a lot of cover art for musical albums, in partnership with Guardin, Muriel, Denis First & Reznikova and Måneskin. Gloria has also worked on illustrative projects for well-known companies like Mondadori, Tally Weijl and Le Pandorine.

In an interview with Our Culture Mag, Gloria stated that she started drawing at a young age as an alternative to play. “I’ve never been a very social person, so I kind of used it to compensate for my introverted habits. Growing up it became my main channel of expression. Art is just how I communicate my feelings and at the same time my biggest passion and my job. I consider it a form of self-therapy sometimes, it helps me control and deal with my emotions” the artist concludes.

Inspired by Marco Mazzoni, Elly Smallwood, Agnes Cecile, and Lucas David, the Milan-based artist’s favourite material and technique is watercolour, as she finds it therapeutic (“you have to take your time and meditate on every brushstroke, and carefully control how much water should be used”). Gloria also loves oil pastels, as they allow modelling the drawing and, at the same time, being very messy.

Nose bleeding and sad eyes are distinctive traits of Gloria’s works; she states that as she expresses feelings through her art, “it just came naturally to me to express what I was mentally experiencing through visible physical pain in my creations. Ever since then, these aspects just became a distinctive feature of my art style, plus, to be honest, I always found blood very fascinating“.

The therapeutic process of her artworks also comes from being inspired by texts, song lyrics or poetry to create something related to it. Gloria’s paintings always include a sentence or textual reference – that better emphasises what she’d like to communicate. “It’s like some of my paintings won’t be complete without a specific text” Gloria states.


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