Janina Zais – Berlin based hair artist uses heads as her psychedelic canvas

Meet Janina Zais, the forward-thinking mind behind this bold aesthetic.

The demand for something out-of-the-box is on the rise. Emerging talents all across the world are redefining the way we think about beauty and trying to break free from the norm.

Janina Zais is one of those who pushes hair and makeup into imaginative new realms. She uses scalp for the place to air fun and radical statements.

Her cutting-edge creativity undoubtedly originated from her artistic upbringing. Deciding to move to Berlin after training as a hairdresser and going to make-up school in Hamburg, they city definitely boosted the ultimate experimental avant-garde to her current artistic direction. From colorful swirls to multi-tonal flames, she proves that a basic buzzcut not only give a wow-factor but it can also transport an immediate message just by using simple brushes, hair dyes and body paints.

Hi Janina! The popping imagery of the hair representations that you have created has obviously become your mark in which you express your artistic perspective. How did you first come passionate about using faces, heads and hair as your canvas? And what attracted you to it?

I’m working in the beauty and fashion industry since 10 years and I was super bored of doing always the same stuff, I always had the feeling I wanna do something else more creative and different to the normal hair & makeup stuff. Luckily I meet an Artist Tom Galle and he asked me to do my first hair art “the political compass” this was in summer 2018 since summer last year I did my own ideas and I found my own way of art!

How is it growing up with a family of artist? Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your path as an artist?

Since as long as I can remember I have always painted and done creative things – even funnily enough , I dyed my Barbie dolls hair with watercolors back then! And of course the influence of my parents and my grandma who painted great watercolors! I have always been surrounded by creativity and everything else didn’t interest me, I knew early on that I would never have a boring normal job!

I read that you have a special attraction in dancing and you have spent 12 years of your childhood in classical ballet training. Did this somehow influence your artistic development, inspiration and imagination?  

Yes, definitely we always did our makeups for the stage appearances and I had a lot of fun even then! I knew very early on that a normal job would never come into question for me. Luckily my parents supported me in every possible way to realize my dreams.

Can you tell us about the process of making your work?

I have an ortner on my phone in which I store all the pictures and ideas I want to realize, and either my ideas match with the ideas of my customers or I put my ideas on pleasures around which are always available to me.

Is there a certain statement that you would like to transmit from your work to the viewers?

My hair art should be fun and show people that you can live out and show your creativity in any way you want!


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