Joe Karava – The revenge of digital classicism

A bit of Y2K and Vaporwave visual references, use of gradients and neon-like metallic 3d objects: Guglielmo Ghiaccio’s digital aesthetic is – without any doubt – 90-00s-inspired. 

Guglielmo states that “[he] believe[s] that the novelty of [his] research consists in pursuing a classicism made up of unresolved tensions, a dream or a nightmare that come out of chaos and become a rational, geometric form. This is why [he is] fascinated by myth, the moment in which the primal forces are fixed in a visible and experimental substance for man.”

His works are a balanced mix of classical art and nightmarish figures – digitally combined. The wide spectrum of Guglielmo’s works consists of a combination of hilarious/nonsense, mystic(al) – sometimes blaspheme, oneiric and digital -inspired elements. 

The reinterpretation of classical arts in digital art is the basic framework in which the world is moving with the help of two concepts classically and digitally” states Helena Gabrijelčič. That is the reason why Guglielmo’s pseudonym is Joe Karava, which clearly recalls the late 16th century classical artist Caravaggio – translated into a brand-new digital classicist.


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