Molistudio – Le Pastel a l’éclat et la fragilité

Molistudio’s work is a sort of synthesis of the traditional opposition that had been, simultaneously, bright and matt, fragmentary and smooth.

Molistudio aim to summarise the main headings under which pastel may be approached, progressing through materials and methods to an historical survey of the art expression linked with sport aesthetics.


It has a unique texture and luminosity –derived from the light-reflecting facets of individual particles of pastel pigment, filler and binder. The illustrations are intended as introductory guides to what we believe are pastel aesthetics (which may be accessed through the index of pigments) and to the supporting reference with Tennis. 


The thematic approach in these illustrations necessitates some overlap and repetition in the interests of readability. (Reproductions of pastels which may be located with the search facility on the home page, or with Google.)


The philosophy of a Molistudio at least in part is a recognition that information is often too broad and too voluminous to be reduced conveniently to a single narrative, and these prolegomena do not set out to contradict that, but magnificent it.

All the indications are in the illustrations which have been first stretched over the strainer, fixed with pastel colours and minimalism perspectives and then tacked in place around the sides, with the corners folded as neatly as possible.


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