Thanyyyyyy – The exaggeration made art and fashion

The designer of the project ‘Thanyyyyyy’ (22, Forlì), the Dr. Frankenstein of fashion, whose name will remain a mystery (for readers), tells us the goal of his creations: to push beauty and perception to the limit creating unexpected worlds and imaginations, manipulating the body and revolutionizing the concept of beauty.


_thanyyyyyy, what does it mean? Having seen some of your elaboration, each letter, in particular the ‘Y’ has an extra value?

The truth is I just wanted to put “thany” as a nickname, being a cripple of my real last name, but had already been used by someone else on Instagram, like thanyy, thanyyy, thanyyyy, thanyyyyy, until the sixth “Y”.

What social impact would you like to convey tank to your work? What is your philosophy?

At the moment, I am not concerned about the social impact issue, that is not my goal. My goal is to tell about myself and my personal view of things. And if this vision of mine can inspire people to express themselves creatively, to play with their image and not to take themselves seriously, I’m glad, because it means that something that I created for myself has managed to reach out and communicate with someone else’s sensitiveness.

In your works the opulence of body features of which each of us is endowed, in limited number, comes to mind. I speak mainly of the arms that are proposed stretched, multiplied, almost to convey a concept of multitasking, or the teeth and mouths that are doubled in some cases , while in others cancelled along with the faces. What do you want to bring out of you with all this?

The themes and concepts that I want to bring out and that I want to convey are very linked to the perception of “beauty”, of the human body and the infinite ways in which both can be manipulated and emphasized, to the point of being pushed to unpredictable limits.

Does your work represent a pure aesthetic or is it linked to your current evolved background?

It represents an aesthetic that has evolved over the time, influenced by my past and my present.
In high school I used to fill the pages of my diary with drawings of disturbing deformed characters, with fingers, legs, teeth, arms and elongated necks, so I could say that the evolution I realized to date is to have transposed these distorted characteristics into “reality”.

Star Trek in a noir version mixed with Stranger Things, this is the first thing that came to mind, remaining fascinated by your works. What books did you read as a child? Favorite movies?

I’ve never seen Star Trek or Stranger Things.
As a child I liked the illustrated books of mysteries, investigation and enigmatic adventures.
The films I was most obsessed with as a child were “Edward Scissorhands”, “Matilda” and “Spirited Away”.

Nowadays is it possible to understand artistic profiles like yours? If yes, tell us; if you are still hesitant, explain how you think this approach to your art will evolve (in time). 

I think you can understand, because as I mentioned before, I believe that what I produce is in line with series of experiences shared with others of my own generation, which allows my images to get viral and be appreciated, because somehow they touch something close to many people.
In this age of compulsive scrolling boredom and low threshold of attention on social, this “something” can be a general desire to be amazed and astounded; or a desire to escape, exploring the lability of your digital image and manipulating reality with the virtual media we have.


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