Thomas Balducci – mixed realities

Thomas Balducci, a young digital artist from Pesaro, ranges from different kinds of media to shape a particular universe where diversity is the key.

Thomas Balducci directs short films, collaborates with fashion designers such as Antonio Marras, experiments with 3D art and digital illustrations, he keeps researching in the limitless field of multiplicity and cross-mediality.
We got in touch with him and asked him about the creative process behind his works and what led him to where he is now.

What is your artistic path? Is there anything you would change about it and why? 

I have always studied in the artistic field and nurtured a passion for photography and video ranging in different contests.
After high school, I moved to Milan to continue my studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, taking the NTA course and I discovered a new world of expressive possibilities that I was previously unaware of.
In fact, my artistic path began to expand to digital art, addressing different types of media such as 3D, augmented reality and interactive systems.
So far, I must admit that I have certainly made some decisions that were not too suitable for me, but honestly I would not change anything because I am the person I am today thanks to the sum of  all my past choices, and I probably still have a long way to go.

You create fantastic landscapes and visions with your 3D artworks. What are your main inspirations? 

My inspirations are everywhere. We live in an era where images are at the foundation of everyday life.
I take something from everything that can communicate to me, from an instagram post to a film, from an exhibition to an advertisement.
What I notice are the compositions and the colors because in the world of 3D everything is very relative, you start from scratch to get to an emotion; this is an enormous freedom and feels a lot like painting: all begins from a blank canvas.

I see you also work as a director. What does it give to you and what kind of director do you tend to be? 

Direction is the fundamental step from which I create all my work, regardless of the medium I use.
I recently self-produced Cameo, a short film which arose from the desire to show hidden realities of people from the lgbtq+ community and not only. The issue of diversity and its awareness is, in every aspect, the essence of my research. 

You use real and virtual images in your works. Which ones do you find easier and more attractive to you and your public? 

What makes an image real? Surely Magritte’s La trahison des images can be the perfect example.
When I start a new project, the choice of its medium depends on how to best express myself; the resulting image is both real because you can see it with your eyes and virtual because in photography and in 3D you experience it though a device.

What would you say to younger artists who want to start their career in this difficult period?

Actually, it is still pretty difficult for me to answer such a question because I myself am one of those young artists in search of their career, as I am still at the beginning of a path. So if I have to give some advice to myself, I would say: go for it and never doubt your decisions.



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