Virgo – Be the girl you want to be

Virgo speaks up about women’s freedom through independent art.

Virgo is a feminist art collective operating in Milan, founded by Giulia Bortoli and Giangi Giordano in 2016 and now supported by Noemi Di Gioia as project manager.

The group’s projects focus on the need of contemporary girls to express themselves without the restrictions that being born a woman sometimes creates. Their artistic collaborations aspire to merge different creative personalities into one unique concept of fierceness and self-love. 

Since the very beginning, the leading ladies of the collective gained more and more visibility thanks to their new and original aesthetic: it is an imaginary scattered with hints of the 70s’ sexual revolution, mixed with references to several artistic trends — all wrapped in a padded atmosphere of real femininity.

Their taste reveals a particular sense of eroticism made of vintage vibes, see-through and silky dress gowns, neon lights and fluffy brush strokes. 

Kinke Kooi – Butterfly (1997) “I don’t think anybody is entirely male or entirely female. Maybe that is why I like gradients—one thing bleeding into another thing”


Today the group is more active than ever, currently aiming at connecting with international independent artists. 

Therefore, their most recent project involves a French production company named Mauvais Sang: it consists of a short film titled “Cocktail des merveilles” which wants to investigate the relationship between young generations and their social media image.

Directed by Anaïs Tohé-Commaret, the frames develop in warm shades and a sticky and clammy atmosphere.  

The theme and message are certainly linked to the common striving to live up to a specific but fake representation of the female body and appearance. 

Virgo has always cared about female battles and needs and it is now successfully reaching the European scenario while giving a new meaning to female commitment into art.  

As a result, the community of independent artists in Milan is surely becoming more dynamic and open to different views and ideas where femininity no longer has to be a predetermined behavior.


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