WOC – Italian visual artist and designer

WOC (Flavio Rossi), the uprising 25-year-old Italian visual artist and designer from Turin.

WOC’s ingeniousness takes the contemporary art and fashion world by storm.

Imagine being at the age of 25, a fresh gradate from Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin who has already begun a creative collaboration with the most sought-after cult streetwear label Off-White ™ for a few years now, there must be something special about this person. This is exactly the case for Flavio Rossi, a.k.a, WOC. He has most definitely gone from strength-to-strength to achieve where he is right now. My hats off to him! 

As a visual artist and the creative director of his own band, Italia 90, his slightly out-of-focus spray paint diptychs has become part of his trademark. From the shipwreck of Costa Concordia, the tabloid cover of Kate Moss sniffing a lone of cocaine, a random picture of Grumpy cat, the TIME cover of the 911 Twin Towers attack, to the portrait of Kevin MacCallister from Home Alone, WOC expresses a synthetic overview of the images shown in the mass media. 

It is a string of symbols, specific narratives, discourses, artifacts and objects that is never to be untangles. Staging the exactly how they are appeared to the public by drawing on popular culture, the culture industry and social narrations, it highlights and marks an iconography otherwise destined to be engulfed by the speed of Internet Communication. 


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