B is for (non) Binary – Motoguo

An evergreen trend was born this decade: non binary. While normal trend’s life cycle seems to end once in a while the genderless fashion looks


Same dimension, different surface. If man have put feet on the moon then fashion is going further through the galaxy. Going AWAYTOMARS is stepping on board

Evolved egos – Steven Vanderyt

Social behaviours got romanticize with a layer of fantasy in his designs; I am talking about Steven Vanderyt, a fashion designer from The Netherlands ,who

Degenerated luxury by M.1992

  The eclectic designer Dorian Stefano Tarantini also a player Dj of the milanese nightlife gave a twist to the brand borned as Malibu 1992

Raw beauty fem – Marlene Juliane

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, has been said. Everything can be pretty depending on your own perspective but the natural beauty should

Cyber riot girls // ANNAKIKI

The past Fashion Week in Milan was a twister of new faces and emerging talents due the efforts of Camera Moda (http://www.cameramoda.it) to support those