Dariana Chem – The Thumbelina’20

Dariana Chem is an artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Today she’s sharing with us a photo project called “The Thumbelina’20”, made during quarantine. Dariana Chem says

Jumo Avilés — Village creatures

Jumo Avilés is a Spanish photographer and designer. His work wants to investigate the relationship between our bodies and and nature around us.  Jumo Avilés

Michael Raines — Colorful life on film

Michael Raines, an American photographer and filmmaker, likes to shoot a variety of situations on film.  Michael Raines main subjects are mostly kids and old people,

Roman Bratschi – 3D nonsense that makes sense

Roman Bratschi explores complex structures into mesmerizing 3D graphic visualization, inspired by natural shapes, forms and pattern. Roman Bratschi effortless ability in devouring layered details and coordinating

WOC – Italian visual artist and designer

WOC (Flavio Rossi), the uprising 25-year-old Italian visual artist and designer from Turin. WOC’s ingeniousness takes the contemporary art and fashion world by storm. Imagine