Aquarius // 2020 horoscope overview

Aquarius Horoscopes, the Year 2020: Summary/preview of the year ahead for the zodiac sign Aquarius.


Aquarius, your time has come!
Stop living in your magical fairy world for a second and listen to me.
You are filled with water but you are an air sign: this tells a lot about your weirdness.
Your mind is always bouncing from an unrealistic impossible project to the most stupid idea on earth. But you can be brilliant sometimes, too.
Let me tell you this: nobody cares about your odd taste for incomprehensible Japanese movies or your unconventional conspiracy theories about aliens.
Plus no one wants to copy you off. No one.

Aquarius: LOVE – gettin’ lucky?

If by lucky you mean finding someone who doesn’t care for commitment and feelings, can cope with you and also exists on this planet, then no.
But you could maybe reply to that cute and sweet text you’ve been ignoring for two weeks because you were too busy taking selfies and being mysterious.

Romance tip: Aquarius, I know you want love at your own terms and I don’t want you to settle for anything, but remember love is mostly made of 50/50.


Aquarius: WORK — money money

Dear Aquarius, you won’t have any money left if you keep spending it for eccentric clothes or useless gadgets on amazon you’ll only use twice.
Anyway, in work you fiercely reach your goals, with three or four sleepless nights and almost missed deadlines. Keep it up!

Career advice: if you are offered an opportunity, don’t miss it: it’s time for new challenges. 


Aquarius: WELL-BEING — relax don’t do it

You don’t like boredom and you’d do anything to fight it, especially come up with the weirdest new hobby and become obsessed with it.
And it is okay, as long as it doesn’t include stressing people with IQ tests to show you’re smarter or forcing your friends to try a new kind of alcoholic beverage you’ve invented at 4am yesterday night.

Lifestyle suggestion: doing some sport will help you release a lot of energy.


Illustrations by Ivo Varbanov

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