Aries // 2020 Horoscope overview

Aries Horoscopes, the Year 2020: Summary/preview of the year ahead for the zodiac sign Aries.

Aries on call!
My grandfather once told me that he had overcome all the difficulties in his life simply because he is an Aries.
I think this perfectly sums up your egocentric and illusionistic vision according which you are the best just because.
You call yourself social and open but the truth is you only like bossing people around and leave after three minutes because you can’t stand anyone anymore.
But you can also be funny and entertaining, if you are in a good mood.
You hate moody people without realizing you can be the moodiest of us all.
You are also always precise and very confident about your ideas: you ask people what they think but don’t care about anyone’s opinion besides yours.
That is not how it works: sometimes we need confrontation and people don’t like talking to a wall, even if it is well decorated or, in your case, well-dressed wearing fabulous make up.

Aries: LOVE — gettin’ lucky?

Stop being too proud and expect anyone to treat you like a princess.
You have a fantastic sex appeal but fail to use it sometimes: too much impulsivity can hurt you and others.
Trust more, don’t try to control everything and please be less polemical.
All or nothing politics don’t always work in relationships.
If you can’t sacrifice or compromise, don’t expect others to.

Romance tip: This being said, try practicing patience during this quarantine (do you know what it means?)


Aries: WORK — money money

You truly hate not doing anything, you are the opposite of lazy.
However, since you are so used to bear heavy and tiring jobs and responsibilities, maybe you could use this time to regain the energy you lost. Your mind is always active and creative so you won’t be victim of boredom.

Career advice: Study a way not to fall into drama every 3 hours and think of quitting your job just because you need a life-changing event. Keep calm and breathe.


Aries: WELL-BEING — relax don’t do it

I know it doesn’t suit you but think before acting.
Quarantine is great to start meditating and taking care of yourself.
You miss getting drunk, but don’t worry: you’ll have plenty of time this summer.

Lifestyle suggestion: Right now, drink water.


My boss is Aries so I will stop here.
In case you don’t see Taurus, you will know what happened.
Bye Granpa.

Illustrations by Ivo Varbanov
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