Gemini // 2020 horoscope overview

Gemini Horoscopes, the Year 2020: Summary/preview of the year ahead for the zodiac sign Gemini.

Happy birthday, Gemini!
I have been struggling to find any positive qualities you may have.
For once in my life, I have failed.
Correction: I double failed, since I couldn’t find any positive aspects for both of your personalities.
Let’s start with this: your bipolarism.
You go from toxic attachment to total vindictive indifference in one-second, only because you don’t feel the centre of attention anymore.
Everybody is a loser except for you, yes. But sometimes even you lose the sight of what’s important: responsibilities, stability, balance, caring about others…
You shift from one idea or project to another without a reasonable order and you get upset when grown ups tell you your plans don’t make sense. A little childish, don’t you think?
I have been told you can never get bored next to a Gemini: well, I presume no one would ever dare showing boredom for fear of being attacked by your dark side. You scare me. 

Gemini: LOVE — gettin’ lucky?

Romance isn’t much for you. You prefer a toy, someone you can control until you get bored.
Don’t worry though, even you will find the right person, the one who can keep up with you and put you in your place.
Until that moment, 

Romance tip: try to work on your need for independence not as a limit for your love life but as a way to build a healthier relationship (I mean something that lasts longer than 2 weeks, I know it’s shocking). And stop disappearing when things go wrong. 


Gemini: WORK — money money

You can learn anything only by reading it once and you are a very fast thinker.
Sometimes this trait can lead to confusion because you tend to get distracted a lot.
You do too many things at once, calm down.
You have a whole life to experiment, no need to over-stress yourself or us. Let us sleep at night. 

Career advice: don’t hide to avoid confrontation at work. And stop complaining about things you can easily do. We all know you will succeed. 


Gemini: WELL-BEING — relax don’t do it

People call you judgmental and litigious and they are right.
You even expect people to apologize to you when you started the argument for nothing.
If you stopped this kind of behavior, you would be a lot more serene but we all know that deep down you like being crazy. 

Lifestyle suggestion: don’t block everyone on social media only to see if they notice.
Gather your demons and go to therapy.


Illustrations by Ivo Varbanov
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