Leo // 2020 Horoscope overview

Leo Horoscopes, the Year 2020: Summary/preview of the year ahead for the zodiac sign Leo.

Hey there Leo!
Are you enjoying your summer?
Taking selfies everywhere you go?
Hate to break it to you, but we don’t really care about your tanning updates or your umpteenth mirror selfie.
Spare us, please. We are on holiday too.
I know this year has been rough on you: with the lockdown and all you haven’t felt like the emperor of the world for a while.
Oh, those delightful times when you were the center of our lives.
In your world you are always right, successful, adored, never contradicted.
It would feel like heaven, wouldn’t it?
Unfortunately, the world is not yours (yet?) and even though you are good at hiding it with your tremendous pride, you make human mistakes like the rest of us.
Offended much?
I am sorry (or not) but somebody has to tell you how things are before you let it go to your head and actually believe you can have everything you like.
Restrain your anger and don’t do anything out of impulsiveness because of this shocking revelation.
Also, playing the victim doesn’t help.
I will rephrase: don’t be yourself at all, it’s easier. 

Leo: LOVE — gettin’ lucky?

It depends on what you mean for love.
Only wanting attention and cuddles while pushing the other person away is not really healthy.
Changing your mind every 2 seconds is not the best quality in a relationship either.
Why don’t you try lowering your expectations just a bit and open up about your feelings and insecurities?
We are not all like you, we share sometimes and it’s nice. 

Romance tip: you won’t listen anyway so why bother. 


Leo: WORK — money money

Yes, I know it’s summer.
And yes, it’s a shame you have things to do and responsibilities.
So unfair, right?
Too bad you are not the only one so shut up and start working. 

Career advice: failures happen. It is nobody’s fault so don’t hold a grudge and move on. 


Leo: WELL-BEING — relax don’t do it

Getting drunk is your first goal this week, I understand.
If you are good at one thing, that thing is partying and no one doubts it.
So enjoy the rest of the summer and try not to give in into drama too much or you will become grumpy and irritating and we don’t want that.
So have fun and try not to overreact if someone disagrees with you.

Lifestyle suggestion: try taking fewer selfies and replying to text messages instead. Kiss. 



Illustrations by Ivo Varbanov
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