Taurus // 2020 horoscope overview

Taurus Horoscopes, the Year 2020: Summary/preview of the year ahead for the zodiac sign Taurus.

Hi Taurus. I’m sorry I have been a bit slow with your horoscope, I know being slow is your domain!
How are you holding up with the quarantine? How many mental breakdowns have you had until now?
You are very very patient and you usually keep everything under control, but there’s a point when we all better be afraid of you.
You are mostly quiet, especially when you feel offended by something or someone: your rage starts silently and explodes suddenly and explosively. Touchy much, are we?
People have told me you are so loyal, but for me you are only truly loyal to the pleasures of food. Who isn’t though?
When you have an idea in mind, no matter how crazy or useless for your life, you are so determined to make it happen. We probably should say stubborn.
Stubborn and jealous: the worst combination.
How do you even keep up with your relationships? Oh I forgot, you don’t.
You only care about sleeping, eating AND being cuddled while sleeping.
Yes, I’ve said it. I am aware you hate when someone tells you what to do, but I have a piece of advice for you: change things you don’t like, changing something minor won’t ruin your entire life.
You are probably already bored of me but I have more to say to you. 

Taurus: LOVE — gettin’ lucky?

You can be very possessive and jealous. When someone abandons you, you feel like you’ve been hurt physically. Some people might find this attachment a bit heavy to handle, remember that. And not everyone can keep up with your eating and sleeping habits, there are normal people in the world, too.
I know you hate fighting and you tend to avoid it even when it’s necessary: fights are normal in a relationship and no one wants you to make a scene about something that happened 4 years ago only because you didn’t speak up when you had to.
Thank you. 

Taurus: WORK — money money

You come out a bit presumptuous sometimes. If you are focused on your point of view, you totally stop listening to other people. When you are wrong, you are wrong. You make mistakes like everyone else, accept it.
Your greed might become exaggerated and very annoying: watch out. Not only for your money. 

Taurus: WELL-BEING — relax don’t do it

Too slow, man! I get being zen but missing opportunities because of it? No.
You tend to be very methodic and habitual, but as I’ve said it before, change won’t always hurt you.
You might even find out that doing some sport can be fun.
Try skipping dessert at dinner tonight.
Oh, are you eating it right now? Ok, I’m done with you. 


Illustrations by Ivo Varbanov
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