Virgo Horoscopes, the Year 2020: Summary/preview of the year ahead for the zodiac sign Virgo.

Such a special year for you, Virgos! Your fear of the unexpected has gotten the best of you, precise and organized as you are.
I know you had all year planned out and you are probably dying inside because nothing turned out the way you wanted it to. BUT one of the best aspects of life is its unpredictability and you should try remembering it.
Regarding social relationships, you have no midterms: either you like someone or you hate them and there’s no specific reason to it, only a vague interior feeling.
Should we call it a sixth sense or unjustified despise towards certain people? The second option seems to be more accurate. Yes, I am being direct, something you do all the time but don’t like if it’s done to you.
A bit incoherent, don’t you think? A bunch of things you say sound like subtle insults and you enjoy making everyone feel less of you. We won’t fall for it anymore now so change your game. 


Virgo: LOVE — gettin’ lucky?

This aspect of your life is maybe the one you are always indecisive about, you tend to be a bit elusive and to escape making decisions.
Love can become a real challenge when your high standards get in the picture and you prefer being alone than settle for anything less than what you think you deserve.
But when you actually find it, it’s impossible to change your mind about the other person.
You see what you want to see and if somebody tries to contradict you, it’s over for them. 

Romance tip: people will wait for you, but not forever my friend. 



Virgo: WORK — money money

Perfectionism is your motto and you take it to the next level with your obsessive precision.
No one can make any mistakes in your sight and if you, in those beautiful but rare occasions, make one yourself everyone has to act as nothing has happened.
I can’t do that. I love pointing out when a Virgo commits an error because they do it with every other person.
Stop being so know-it-all, we can’t stand it.
Although, I can’t deny you have enough confidence to succeed in your career and future plans. 

Career advice: not getting the maximum right away is might not be a bad thing for your ego. 



Virgo: WELL-BEING — relax don’t do it

Are you eating junk food or too many snacks? That is probably why your exercise path is not working as it should.
You are wasting your time thinking about fake arguments you would win and being grumpy with everybody for no reason. Use your time for something else like solving all dramas you caused and appreciate others more without being infinitely critical. 

Lifestyle suggestion: sometimes your honesty can be a bit rude. Weight your words.



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