5 emerging designers to keep an eye on, in Milan!

5 emerging designers to keep an eye on, in Milan! In the global fashion system, more and more new brands are raising up, those that today are being mentioned everywhere, alongside the term “emergent”. 

Every emerging talent proposes its know-how in a different way, even if nowadays the term ‘new’ can be considered a taboo, the simplest reason is: everything has already been invented/designed. A statement like this makes us wonder how new designers can propose their idea to the world if nothing new is capable to amaze. The doubt is demolished thanks to the rise of past values, proposed in a modern twist, or rather, in a visionary way, without missing a pinch of commerciality to spice it.

Below we will talk about 5 emerging brands in Milan, one of the pillars of the Fashion System:


  • Antonio Corposanto

    Designer and fashion illustrator that mixes styles to achieve a homogeneous solution: ranging from light fabrics such as tulle to more sustained and coated fabrics of his jackets and outerwear, he combines sportswear details to silhouttes structured and decorated with techniques that embellish the garment. From his creations it can be noted that it is not only a matter of design skills, but behind each of his creations there is an accurate study of modeling; creative, but technical at the same time, two characteristics, usually difficult to see together, but Antonio Corposanto may be the exception.

  • Nicola Indelicato

    Creative director of the homonymous brand, Nicola Indelicato proposes garments with a unique perversion with romantic accents. Through his creations he exhibits the body surrounded by the irony of his prints. Menswear label that combines underwear and bodysuit with sweatshirts and t-shirts with soft and transparent fabrics and then crossing to the outerwear to bring out uncontrolled sensations, carnal, which pushes the discovery of the male body through the obsessive and fetishistic design of Nicola Indelicato.

  • WAYEROB by Alessandro Onori

    With Alessandro Onori, creative director of the brand, the concept of gender disappears, he proposes a high quality fashion starting from knitwear to tailoring. “For every body and gender” is the design concept of Wayerob, clothing for him/her without distinction: not a way to determine what you are, male or female, but the ability to affirm who you are and recognize yourself in an entity above the concept of gender. The range of products proposed is very varied. Among its most iconic garments we remember the underwear of viscose and lurex, romantic and seductive at the same time.

  • Adais

    Accessories brand, specialized in jewelry and comfort bags, offers the city of Milan its creations through the inspiration and passions from its designer Valeria Bersanetti. The philosophy of the brand is based on contrasts: spontaneity and opposition between soft and solid. The designer, through her aesthetic sense, manages to capture the essence of the accessories, or elevate the outfit that you wear by giving movement to your look. So her bags and jewelry act as a catalyst of attention, while maintaining the elegant style.

  • Francesco Murano

    Drapery, drapery and more drapery! Francesco Murano’s creations feature this strong feminine component, combined with garments with detailed constructions, such as jackets with pronounced shoulders, tunics and dresses. The soft colors win, different shades of gray, blue and white that give the outfit an elegant and refined allure addressed to a strong woman who does not want to forget the cuteness that is present in her.


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