Same dimension, different surface. If man have put feet on the moon then fashion is going further through the galaxy. 


Going AWAYTOMARS is stepping on board a spaceship that will take you far from your reality and show you a place where you will find a freedom of creativity. AWAYTOMARS empowers people’s creativity and let inspiration to rise up with no limits, this project was born as a result of studies that help to discover the potential of how people share creative information in social media; then a new place was built where people share ideas, create prototypes and sell products all founded by a collective synergy giving birth to the world’s first ever 100% user created  fashion brand.


The full creative process is democratic, the community is involved in every step of the way: “It starts with the idea, posted on our co-creation forum, getting the oxygen it deserves. The good ones get noticed, discussed, developed. Then we create the prototype and manufacture the final piece. We don’t own it. The community does. All the people who had a hand in its creation are rewarded. Finally that perfect piece of clothing lives and breathes in the fashion firmament.” 


The all-in trend here is simple, designs should be able to be adaptable to the land surface and at the same time coexist in places with lack of gravity. Geometric shapes, prints, layering, textures and fashion tech are present all over the label but sustainability is another main ingredient. 


The co-creative brand not only use sustainable materials but also an ethical manufacture techniques with a different business model: the designs are already born, the prototype is done and to reduce the impact on our environment they run a pre-order system so they produce only the quantities the market requires avoiding over production.


I have already shared some alternatives to our reality with you, now the future of fashion is not hidden anymore… the righteous may own the earth but the creative minds own the outer space, a place with the freedom to create.


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