Alter Alter – “Wear it like you mean it!”

Alter Alter: transversal and sustainable accessories, inspired by contemporary image culture and far away from the logic of the market. The brand reflects the spirit of Francesco Dalto, in his whole independent identity.

Alter Alter, a project by the accessories designer and product manager Francesco Dalto, was born about 8 years ago from the desire to experiment and to feel represented. An accessory to express ourselves, and Dalto does it out loud. The hunger to overturn and rethink is part of its DNA, and it literally explodes after the pandemic lockdown, following the zeitgeist of the moment marked by the evolution of the surrounding changes.

Alter Alter brings with itself a claim of freedom, personality, and empowerment: “wear it like you mean it”. This philosophy takes shape in the transversal nature of the accessories, whose design refers to the current DIY punk aesthetic. From chains that can be worn as necklaces or assembled together to become decorative belts, earrings wearable as single or combined in double, versatile cuffs that may turn into ear cuffs or fingers cuffs, to circular keychains that can be worn as rings. No age and no gender limits make these ready-mades suitable for anyone, thus extremely adaptable to every occasion and creative taste.

Sustainability and slow fashion go hand in hand with the independent spirit of the brand:  the main need is to squeeze the most out of deadstocks and embrace the microproduction model of made-to-order. A central concept for small businesses and small brands today, which Dalto wants to pursue driven by the goal of transforming the materials available in what you need, remaining consistent with his design and increasingly refining his aesthetics.

The result is a product that allows everyone to experiment and play with their own image, focusing on the environmental impact and balancing underground flair and wearability. In other words, a creative project that lives in the present and evolves with it.

Art Direction Carlotta Furlanetto
Photographer Nicola Biscaro
Stylist Giulia Lott
Article by Aurora Mandelli
Brand Alter Alter


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