Arrabal – Seven metrics. A design!

Fashion System is used to creating and designing through every form of art. Arrabal does it usign dance, as well, Tango. In this way Agostina Zwinier makes dance her culture by know-how and style dynamics.

Arrabal, a brand that is made by Fashion System and Argentinian designer Agostina Swinier, devotes itself to dialogues between woman and her privacy with a never ending pas de duex (duet?). Tango and its Tanguere are the main characters of Arrabal’s style.

Agostina Zwinier, the brand’s creative director, boasts an incredibly vivid formation in creative field; she is graduated in Fashion and Textile Design from University of Buenos Aires, embarked herself at IED, landing so on the banks of Central Saint Martin, passing through other experiences in many brands, until the Arrabal reaching foundation in 2018.

Arrabal brings with itself a strongly and clear claim that changes classic tango’s rules: “The man guides, the lady follows”. This principle is upset by the boleo of the designer through proposition of style that melt occidental taste together with significant argentinian elements, paying attention to the authoritative sensuality that screams “Look at me!”, but continues, whispering “Do not touch me!”. The transparency games, the crack of tango dancers, the soft leather skirts, the popeline shirts on unstructured bodies, the bra with the form of roses, the versatility of the trench, come one after the other, as a constant change of adornos between parts. The overlay is the main column of the brand’s flavor and style; each layer is characterized by sinuosity and passion that burn, therefore enhancing, the Woman.

Being part of Arrabal means to dream and, moreover, to travel. A journey that human beings have always wished for: the journey through time. Thus, the designer proposes a style that comes from the past to those who live at present.


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