Bold and dramatic – Anel Yaos

Anel Yaos is a designer with a strong idea of what it is that he wants to achieve through his designs. He is from Andalusia in Spain but has been making a far reaching impression on the fashion industry and is set to become a globally known talent. Anel’s designs are bold and dramatic and they demand to be noticed.


You already have an impressive list of achievements for a young designer. Has this influenced or impacted your work and the way that you approach it?

I am happy with my path because I have worked hard from the beginnings to get a place on the fashion industry. I have always been confident about my work and in the concept of what is fashion to me, and little by little I achieved prizes and recognition that it has helped me to carry on and realize how much has worth it.


Your designs are more than just clothes in the way that they are evocative and iconic. As an artist, why do you choose fashion and clothing as your medium of expression?


All my creation comes from my own feelings and my experiences in that moment, all comes from my soul; and all the hidden fears and things that i can´t put in words I try to express with my work. My designs aren´t just clothes, they are more than that, they tell stories, they have drama, they are surrealistic and unique. My artwork is the way to express what is happen inside me.


You seem to have a unique point of view when it comes to fashion. How do you think you are able to cultivate this?


Looking around  without lowering my guard, you never know where you can find an inspiration. When you join your feelings with art, fashion, music and cinema of different times, you can create a mix of styles from the things you love the most, above all, trusting in your own judgement in fashion which not always have to be that the society dictate.


There is a dramatic use of shape and texture in your designs. What has inspired this and what do you want your designs to achieve through this?


I am a person who loves the art and surrealism, who loves the aesthetics and 80 music, who loves the cinema and the theatre, and who loves look around and look inside myself. Love your own work, means unify your feelings with your artwork, and if you are a sensitive person at all levels, this is reflected in your creation. When we stare at a picture for hours and  we imagine the story-telling and how the painter feels, that, is what I want to achieve with my designs, magic and story-telling.


There is a fascinating ambiguity to your designs. How do you approach the creative process that produces non-binary pieces?


I don´t like when people categorize one clothe or another thing for only one genre. Who we are to decide what is for a woman or for a man? I create my clothes without thinking in the genre, later in a shooting or fashion show, we determine the body who will wear the design and we adapt it.
Most of my clothes are made for all types of bodies no matter genre, height, race or social status; all of us could wear any type of clothes at our style.


Where do you want your talent to take you? What are you hoping for for the future?


First, I want to create as the highest level as possible thanks to my talent, this would be a signal of all the things are inside me in the deepest and unknown, that subconscious mind which don´t let you carry on, my fears and bad feelings, they would be out, reflected your passion, your work.


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