Christina Seewald – Body, knit, love and much more

Christina Seewald, a knitwear designer based in Vienna, has her own philosophy about the concept of the body and the way in which all of us perceive it. The designer, with her creations, wants to show that people are human beings and they must highlight what they love about themselves, forgetting the things they dislike.


From your creations emerges an unbridled femininity. This eagerness to communicate it through transparencies, fabrics and shapes, from what comes? Tell us about your ideal of femininity.

There is no ideal femininity. I think each body can be highlighted in a beautiful way. We should all stop trying so hard to archive the ideal, perfect body and embrace what we have.

What relationship have you had with your body in your life? Has it changed over time? How did it influence your philosophy and your creations?

I am very self-critical and had a lot of body issues myself throughout the years. Its was painful to watch friends and myself going through phases of eating disorders and all sorts of insecurities. I think its is still a learning curve to accept yourself and there will be always something you would prefer to look, different. You’ve got to celebrate what you’ve got. Highlight what you love about yourself and forget about the tiny things you dislike. We are human and not made from an instagram filter after having plastic surgery. This is also what I try to highlight in my knitwear pieces. First of all it is not just tailored for one woman. It is so important to me to also bring out the personality of each model.

How does your creative process begin? Some start with textiles, others with designs, moodboards, and so on.

It always changes. It could start with a random object, a social conflict, a process or all mixed up. I still prefer books to the internet and work with an analog moodboard.

Tell us about your use of color: it is dictated by your tastes, emotions, etc. Why do you choose to present an ethereal atmosphere?

Colours need to be collected by an actual thing such as small object, leave, piece of paper. Its also important to see proportions within colour, which I also work out with small boards. Colour-proportion and the mix between something more sheer or extremely opake can be fascinating.

Sustainability and Innovation are the two sides of the same coin. How do you expect to achieve them through your stylistic process?

Well there is a lot of innovation with knitwear and technology. By knitting fully fashioned pieces we don’t have any wastage. With this we can achieve new ways of creating silhouettes and work with new fibres and materials. This is something I’m still aiming doing more in the future. But it needs investment in order to proceed.

Do you have a slogan or a phrase you use to give yourself the charge and incite yourself, and you probably want to communicate to others?

Limitation is key.


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