Cyber riot girls // ANNAKIKI

The past Fashion Week in Milan was a twister of new faces and emerging talents due the efforts of Camera Moda ( to support those who have the needed qualities to make it in the industry, furthermore the acquired skill to make a potpourri with the senior players already established and the popping-up new ones. ANNAKIKI by Anna Yang is one of those, even if the past 22nd September was her second time presenting in Milan, she was capable to impress everyone by presenting a collection that implies an independent attitude for the rebellious girls in the nowadays pop culture.


Anna Yang started to create her own garments at an early age as a result of growing up in a family of tailors, as she earned a textile culture and was evolved in a naturally artistic environment since she was a child taking the path to be a fashion designer was a doubtless decision. Fierceless of converting her passion into reality, she founded her fashion house: ANNAKIKI. A brand that symbolize the rebellious and independent femininity with 4 main components in its DNA: “original, modern, fun and innovative”. Her inspiration comes from everywhere and she translates her ideas into garments that are an explosion of colours and shapes combined with contrasting textures and fabrics.


Phoneaholism was the theme Anna Yang was inspired by for the ANNAKIKI’s S/S 18 collection. It was an ultra provocative collection, it was nothing but a critic to our behaviour towards the technology. Our code of conduct have changed in the last years by cause of smartphones and social media, topic that I was inspired by in a past article (read Unable to be Unplugged Also, there was a phrase that was constantly appearing in more than one piece: “STOP PHUBBING” a term that was new for me. Phubbing mixes two words: phone and snubbing, and it represents exactly that… you know, when a conversation gets boring we all have the urge to take our cellphone and we start ignoring the person we have in front of us. Now your vocabulary is richer, no need to be grateful.


The collection was rich with a mix of vintage and modern iconographic references that reflects the contemporary society. There was an 80’s-style silhouettes contrasting with the third millennium cyber pop culture images that instantly transported the audience to the day-a-day frenzy. Red and denim was the key of this collection aimed to a precious craftsmanship, the bold color palette was exalted by asymmetries and transparencies.


In addition, a twosome collaboration was also the key feature to spice this captivating catwalk… I am talking about the accessories from the capsule collection in collaboration with DISSONA, another brand influenced by an artisanal soul supported by an avant-garde style. The innovator leather goods brand proposed colorful items following the iconographic theme of the Phoneaholism collection with media symbols and slogans. Definitely the perfect doublet for those rebellious women who renounce to follow the rules.


The collection is now available on:


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