Des Phemmes – Amore and Psiche, a never ending story

Des Phemmes is synonymous of the traveler, of the eclectic, of the subversive  and of the cultured.

It’s a story of unique women who are free from the social dogma, but at the same time, they are the mirror of cultural changes. There is a constant became roots in privacy of the dialogue with the Woman.

How is the bran born: from the idea, to the name, finally the creative motion that everyone can see today.

Des Phemmes is the culmination of my career path. I had never really programmed to have a brand, but the natural evolution of the event brings me to where I am today. The name Des Phemme is made with the union of ‘phemmes’ form ‘FEMMES’, the plural of the word for woman in french, from which I have transformed the starting F into PH to detach itself from the french idiom and delete any possible geographical reference.

The starting DES, also from french, underlines on one hand that it’s a brand about women and the female hemisphere like the main point of the creative research, on the other hand, the incipit ‘DE’ can be read as a privative of this feminine, like a constant study of a new way to tell the female to part from cultural and common stereotypes.

Who do you think the brand is for? Describe the ideal person for yours laces.

The brand talks to a cultured woman with character, who approaches fashion in a spontaneous and personal  way. An eclectic woman who lives out of the ordinary that may seems eccentric to some people, but to my eyes she is curious, open and effortless.

Three adjectives that a woman could use describing herself by wearing your creations.

Timeless. Eclectic. Effortless.

What are the symbols, the icons, and every important entity for you, feature you: from designs to style, from the choice of the fabric to their life.

The brand takes inspiration from all art forms, with a typical focus on 90’s photograph imaginary, it binds to the idea of youth and subversive feminine personified by Kate Moss.

What message are you trying to transmit to the public? Will it be constant by next years?

The message I’d like to transmit to the public is the freedom and singularity of each human being, a vision of beauty whispered quietly which celebrates all women in their uniqueness.

The basis of the message will be the same year by year, but obviously being fashion the expression of the society and the community that surrounds us, will tend to evolve and change together whit it in a superficial manner, probably, but keeping its intimate vision and its tool of dialogue with the woman.

What kind of things do people need more of? How should Fashion System do this?

The world in which progress happens at a bigger speed than human ability to adapt themselves to changes, one of the more useful abilities will be resilience.

The nature, of the entire universe, is the biggest miraculous proof of this ability which is in the concept of the life, of the evolution. Thus, my hope is we will come back to learn these “enormous things” from a lot of tiny things around us that they show us that there is a possible future every day. Different, new, we have to learn to pursue and accept, abandon old schedules and our “comfort zone” in flavor of change. You have to burn with passionate about creative and inventive. Therefore, we will overpass the pandemic crisis, and embrace the paradigms of this sustainable future. For the young entrepreneurs among us, the resilience will be a crucial  and essential ability, without a doubt. 


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