When you dress yourself, your hiding a certain part of who you are and create a total newly alter-ego.
That’s why the research made by Susan Yan Nan Fang with her brand Susan Fang, based in London, is very important nowadays.
She investigates the complex connection between human body and dress, challenging new perceptions of beauty and aesthetic, discovering what really means to create a new self.


Her last collection is made by tangled dresses that cover the entire human body fagocitating it and giving you a new version, a dual one, of your inner self. 
She also uses a particular technique, the air-weave, that allows the fabrics to float between two- dimension and three-dimensions, giving fluid movements and dynamism to the alter-ego you wanna create.


She also gave life to masks made by “bubbles”, similar to a cage for the face, hiding who you are and allowing to be whoever you’d ever want to impersonate.


The textiles are mesmerizing and the techniques used to work on them are extra fine and avanguarded. Bubble dresses, tangle dresses, masks, everything from Susan fang is perfect for feeding your alter-ego.
Dress your dual up.