Editorial – Pay attention, is my fukin birthday


As Andy Warhol said “” In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. ”

But now, in the 21st century, with the advent of social media and digital, time has halved and we all live at 1.75 speed. Dear Andy, 15 minutes is already too long, our attention span has been reduced to just 4 seconds (that’s right, like gasping goldfish in the aquarium). And in a world so extremely frenetic and whirling around social media, everyone wants to feel like a star – and they have the opportunity every day, every minute.

We feel like stars, we absolutely want the stage and the scene. “All eyes on me!” it is precisely the request we send when we post something on Instagram, we crave likes and shares. We are the new stars, and we would do anything to reach our minutes of fame. Although now, we no longer need 15 minutes for notoriety, dear Andy. 15 seconds are enough; the duration of a story on Instagram.

“Pay attention, is my fukin bday” celebrates the concept of using one’s own image and the moment when the focus on our person and our ego skyrockets, and if on our most “special” day we don’t receive that much-coveted attention ?


Photography Antonio Giancaspro
Fashion Editor Edoardo Bertazzoni
Art Direction & Styling Alessandro Travaini
Make-up & Hair Eleonora Bianucci, Paola Barbera
Set designer Dasha
Assistant photography Cristian Bergamin, Serena Tutino
Assistant styling Melissa Brollo, Sofia Roma
Assistant set designer Anastasua Chak


Dress Martina Cambruzzi, jewelry Elisa Aldecca


On the left: dress and jewelry Elisa Aldecca, mask Martina Cambruzzi, proops jewelry Francesca Castiglioni, proops shoes Classico con Twist & Marsèll; on the right: top Arrabal, skirt Elisa Aldecca, top & pants MRZ, jacket & pants Angelos Frentzos


Total look Martina Cambruzzi




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