Evolved egos – Steven Vanderyt

Social behaviours got romanticize with a layer of fantasy in his designs; I am talking about Steven Vanderyt, a fashion designer from The Netherlands ,who recently presented a collection during the last Fashion Clash Festival, is specialized in couture and slow fashion who wants to inspire others to always celebrate creativity and freedom. His mission is to conquer and seduce the eyes of the viewer with his experimental designs mixing high end craftsmanship and contemporary couture.
In an era where the fast fashion has shaken the world he wants to stay loyal to the essence of couture and lead the slow fashion movement in order to counteract the collective way of thinking about “what’s in and what’s out” and give longer life to the garments. Following now a serie of questions about his path in couture and craftsmanship.


Why you have chosen the path of couture in fashion? And, what is your own vision of it? 

I’ve chosen the path of couture because I love to be experimental with fashion and the technology behind it. It’s also the best way to show true creativity.


Trying to decode your latest collection I have found signs of dolls from a childish nightmare and scopophobia (the fear of being seen). So, what is the true story behind it?

I don’t like labels like that being thrown around. The story behind the latest collection is about transforming yourself into your digital self. The person you have created online. The silhouettes had to look unreal and confusing. The idea behind not showing eyes or faces was an add on for the ‘to cool for school’ feeling and misplaced arrogance. Nothing to do with phobias


Technology and craftsmanship… they may be conceived as an opposites, How do set up both? 

It really depends on how you use them. In couture craftsmanship is everything. Technology you use for research and different/new ways to create certain textural patterns or add-on’s.


Raw by silhouettes, feminine by fabrics… How would you continue describing your creations to the potential individual who would wear them? 

You know, it’s the forever returning question “how would you describe your designs”. You can see what I do and if you like it, you like it and if you don’t, you don’t. It’s as simple as that. I’m not the one who has a whole philosophy behind every design I do.
The ones who wear my pieces are secure with themselves and not afraid of their sexuality.
They love wearing experimental pieces and know the right way to do that. It’s about the total package.


“Let couture be art, not fashion” has been said. Where is the limit where couture left behind fashion and followed art?

When the whole fast fashion movement started. Couture couldn’t and didn’t want to keep up with the fast fashion system.


Following the last quote, What kind of arts have influenced in your couture?

Off course all the dutch masters. Also the design philosophy of the contemporary artist Jeff Koons is one that really speaks to me.


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