Florania – The fashion collettive who wears Green!

Atelier Florania is the emerging ready-to-wear brand, founded by Flora Rabitti and her team, characterized by a high sensitivity. When we talk about Florania we refer to a collective, and that’s how the creative director defines it.

Flora Rabitti, born in 1992, Mantua, has an international background: she attends the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, then moves to the Central Saint Martin in London and the Paris’s Institute Français de la Couture in the homonymous city – if I am allowed a comment: Internationality is a characteristic that must belong to the designers of the new generation and Atelier Florania is full of it.

The attention of the new fashion brands to social and environmental issues is very strong, Flora and her team are no exception. They use their know-how to develop sustainable and ecological fashion: what for others is waste, for them is the raw material. In the fashion system, the term waste is very vast, often, however, it is used for all the material that remains unused after processing, such as scraps of fabrics or stock funds. Atelier Florania manages, with its creativity, to see clothes thus building the collection.

Most of the materials used are organic cotton fibers and other natural fibers, for a good 70%, while the remaining 30% consists of recycled materials; especially vintage garments deconstructed and brought back to life under the name Atelier Florania.
Today, this independent clothing brand – which is divided into two cities, one Milan, the headquarters of the brand, the other Mantua, the point of concentration of the production of Atelier Florania – is enriched by a variety of personalities who collaborate with each other: Flora Rabitti (Founder and Creative Director), Fabio D’Onofrio (art director, styling director, muse), Gloria Costani (partner, production manager), Matilde Pelizzoni (pattern maker), Miriam Acocella (pattern maker and designer), Joy Sant’Agostino (graphic designer), Yana Kharytesku (knitwear designer) and Paola Camilla Sanarico (designer).

F.R. “I believe there has been a big trend turnaround between the necessities and interests of old generations of fashion people and the new ones: climatic and social urgencies shaped our taste and consequently, defined what we want to surround ourselves with”.

These words must serve as food for thought for all, creative and not, even for those who buy. Shopping is a choice so we choose to do it consciously.

Art Direction Carlotta Furlanetto
Photographer Ilenia Luzzara
Stylist Giulia Lott
Make-up and hair Nicole SortiSerena Placier
Models Antonio Palese, Anastasiia Lebedieva, Huina Liu
Article by Edoardo Bertazzoni
Brand Atelier Florania
Photographer assistant Chiara Pontiglione
Stylist assistant Miriam Urbinati
Support Lorenzo Liuzzi


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