Francesco Murano – The conquest of Alta Roma on the notes of Beyoncé

Francesco Murano is the new winner of Who’s On Next? ‘2020 for women’s fashion design, proclaimed during the last Alta Roma.

Before he was one of the emerging designers to keep an eye on Milan, today this terrain expands. Below he tells us his emotions during this hard journey. 

What / Who did convince you to take part at Who’s On Next? Why?

I started with a capsule collection comes from my project of thesis, with who I participated and won the contest “Milan Fashion Graduate 2019” of CNMI. I had the needed to tell more and more about myself as a designer and develop the concept that stand at the base of the collection, that’s why is a consequence of the first capsule.

During your climb, up to Alta Roma, have you ever had any doubts? Did you question? If yes, how did you get over this ‘down?

The doubts were a lot. I’m a person who puts so many, specially in this period of lock down that hit everyone. It’s like living in a time where everyone in their own way feels suspended, but the challenge was to try to take by hand the situation and their own ideas. Today, we need survival spirit, I think with this collection I succeeded, you always have to deal with yourself, is the only way to come out of it winning and I invite everyone to do it.

Tell us a bit about your journey, especially the emotions you felt, from the beginning to the spotlight today.

It was all sudden, I’m only 23 years old and I still have a lot to learn, both as a designer but especially as a person, the emotions around even two years have not been very understood and unexpected, I had many awards that have stimulated me so much, Beyoncé, my only idol, wore more than one of my creations and a few days ago I had the opportunity to win this prestigious award that is “Who Is On Next?” It was very satisfying, but the real challenge is to stay lucid and down to earth and stay focused. 

Who is your muse? The one who gave you (and give you) the strength and inspiration in your creations?

As I said, if I have to give a name or an image to my muse I would say Beyoncé, I have been a fan for years now and regardless of his immense beauty and skill, I think it is a model of woman to follow in all senses, is a real pioneer, She knows how to do everything, with her art she can give hope and courage to those who do not have it, she is very sure of herself and aware of her femininity, this is the type of woman I am inspired by and I want to show through my creations. 

What do you think will happen to your career in the next ten years? What future projects do you have? Let us know a little bit.

I don’t like to look to the future, maybe I think to tomorrow but not to what will happen in 10 years, I think wrong to think about what can happen in the distant future, meanwhile I think of the present and to establish myself as a designer, maybe in 10 years I will do something else.

Do you have a goal, if we define it, final? A level to reach, an icon you admire and whose steps you would like to follow, etc.

I am 23 years old, the levels to be reached are many, the goal is to grow as long as I can, fortunately I can trust and rely on my instincts, so as I go forward I let him guide me. 


Pictures by Alberto Degano



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