Fredrik Möller – Someone who loves pen and paper, but not only!

Fredrik Möller, is a Swedish-born designer who represents the combination of different artistic forms that he never forgets to bring out.

It can be defined as a game die: each face represents a passion and a know-how that belongs to it; after the launch, the exit of one does not exclude the existence of the others.

What is the main component of your fashion? And on which your fashion is built?
The main thing for me, as a designer is to find the core in what I’m doing. When you start workingand you find yourself still working in the middle of the night. That ́s when you know youre on tosomething! Illustration and colour combinations has always been of big importance for me as well. I’m pretty fastidious when it come to colours. One last thing I usually work with is romanticizingthemes. For my degree work I was working with the office workers and the theme ”casual Friday”.
What is your background that help you to evolve your thinking?
I have always been fascinated by illustrations and paintings and I started to paint/illustrate/sketch when I was very young. For some years I just stopped drawing but then I got in to this art school and I found the joy to use paper and pen again. After one year in art school my curiosity couldnt stop me from learning more things and I ended up doing fashion.
In your creations, why are you usual to cut off eyes on your subjects? What it means?
Well, in my degree work I removed the eyes of my characters to get a feeling that you’re wearing someone else. We go to work and look all professional but underneath all make-up we’re just ordinary people struggeling with the same kind of things in life.
Tell me more aboutstep in to my office”: what is the project / the breefing, youremotions to take part of that, etc.
Step Into My Office! – The aim of the work was to break down stereotypical garments and characters within the Casual Friday theme, by exploring the relationship between 2D and 3D in garment and print, using distortion to create new silhouettes and characters. Made thiscollection in spring 2019 but it still haunts me. Got this scholarship from H&M and now I ́m a finalist in Designers ́ Nest showing that same collection.
You are not only a fashion designer, isn‘t you? You like producing music and illustrations, for example. Please, could you tell me more about your passions?
Making music is almost as big part of me as the design part. Producing heavy pop songs and I actually made my own song for the runway last year. I like the concept of doing all the parts myself. Maybe it’s some kind of control behaviour. It just feels right to shape thingsand affect people in different ways. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s clothes or paintings. Sometimes it’s all three at the same time.
What will be your next steps about your career and your life? 
Besides looking for a job as a designer I have three kids and I spend a lot of time with them right now.

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