Welcome to the fantastic world of Giglio Tigrato, the upcycling brand that takes you on a journey through sustainability and uniqueness.

Born in 2020, right after the pandemic, Giglio Tigrato has been conceived by Carlotta Oddi’s wish to express her own creativity and her personal vision of fashion. Giglio Tigrato is also Carlotta’s alter ego which gives full expression of what she is and what she believes in.

“Sustainable & Rebellious” is the motto and it perfectly unfolds how Giglio Tigrato moves its steps into the fashion business.

The mission of the designer is to light up a revolution against the sick dynamics of mass-production and consumerism, giving new life to vintage garments and waste materials which have been left apart.

Giglio Tigrato’s direction goes against the wave of the fast-fashion logic, fighting for a more sustainable and balanced conception. Its effort proves that upcycling can be a valuable solution to educate mindsets about waste reduction.

The idea is a fresh new start for old dismissed clothes and fabrics without any deprivation of value, rather an addition of uniqueness and originality with its highly-recognizable style.

Bringing from the Far East as well as the western culture of Native Americans, the designer builds a dreamy allure around the brand’s aesthetic, both exotic and surreal.

Giglio Tigrato is an Asian flower, it’s the Italian name for Tiger Lily, and it’s also the name of the Princess of the Indian Tribe from Neverland in Peter Pan’s fantastic world.

The imagination goes further through dragons, lanterns, orchids and pagodas that recalls an adventure that goes from China to Japan; it gets even further when it merges with fringed suede jackets, ropes, crochet pieces and tie-dye prints that suddenly take the thoughts to the western tribal costumes.

The result is an unexpected and unique mix of cultural elements that brings to life a playful and lively style and praises everyone’s extraordinariness instead of homologation and compliance.

This world filled with symbols and imagery is tightly linked with illustration and figurative art, which shapes the full brand’s image and also takes part of the upcycling process itself.

The vintage items are renewed, taking a completely new style and personality with prints, free hand paintings and patches of Giglio Tigrato’s signature figures illustrated by Francesca Rongioletti, artist, graphic designer and stylist of the team.

The recent collaboration with DENNJ for the capsule collection “Signorine”, the success of the SS22 collection launch, it seems that The Tiger Year might be called The Giglio Tigrato Year!

Art Direction Carlotta Furlanetto
Photographer Ilenia Luzzara
Stylist Giulia Lott
Make-up and hair Nicole Sorti, Serena Placier
Models Alyssa, Carlotta, Maryna
Article by Elena Canesso
Brand Giglio Tigrato
Photographer assistant Alessia Zhang
Stylist assistant Julia Wozniak
Support Lorenzo Liuzzi


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