I am not Gosha Rubchinskiy – Roma Uvarov Design

What happens when mid-east influences meet controversial occidental culture? Roma Uvarov Design is the main answer. 
Roma Uvarov Design is an emergent Russian fashion brand that made urban vibes cooler than ever, honoring subcultural topics and queerness in every inch of its aesthetics.


Nowadays Russian fashion is well known because of Gosha Rubchinskiy who put at first place in his style Russian iconography and Cyrillic alphabet, becoming so recognizable all over the world. Roma Uvarov, on the other way around, tries to embrace in a more colonialist way eastern culture and niche researches.


In his last February fashion show, the artist decided to give birth a very special polyandric runway, letting all his spectators coming into his little ‘tsvetnoy, world. He let flat colors like grey predominate – but as in this case – a brilliant red illuminates the show. He likes to work with unordinary rules, he celebrates minimalism sterilizing his clothes but characterizing them with serial topics like cartoon eyes and masked faces.


Another important point in his never-ending researching route is the “infant world”, it is easy to see how he lets our most common childish manners walk that walk, the lines remind us of old nighties gothicized for the occasion with sombre tones. Even in this case, the model face is not clean, in fact he decorates it with a mouth mask. It is necessary to underline even his touch of class in letting different no – shaped puppets accompany the models during the show. 


It is no secret telling that Roma has a very bright future ahead him and we are getting antsy to see what is next, hoping to see how he is going to show his dualist art in the following runways.


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