The unconventional beauty – Leandro Cano

For Spanish fashion designer Leandro Cano last years have been a rollercoaster: winner of an award given by Marc Jacobs and a collaboration with him for the Berlin catwalks and a Samsung Innovation Project won in 2014, he is now the header of the homonymous maison. We chit-chatted with him about what is fashion, bodies and changing our perspectives.


In your bio you say that fashion is a way of expression. What do you usually express with your work?

I always express my own universe. I’m from a small village located in Jaen (south of Spain). It’s very famous for the olive trees but also for the white houses, houses yard full of flowers, and of course, the people. All of this is part of myself, therefore it is part of my work. In addition, I love Spain, and I try to express all the rich culture of my country. I try to recover craftsmanship and small manufacture techniques.


What do usually inspires you?

Spain inspires over all , but also my own experiences. I try to transform sadness, happiness or any other feeling into beauty. In addition, the big Masters are my inspiration as Alexander McQueen or Balenciaga.


Your clothes are often exaggerated and with a cocoon shape. Why? Is there a meaning?

I agree, sometimes my clothes are exaggerated. To be honest, there is no meaning for this, I just love challenging gravity. I always look for the beauty outside of conventional fashion.


How fashion can change the body of people?

Fashion is magic… I mean, fashion can change your body. Fashion is a tool to express your body as you want. You can show or hide your figure. Fashion is your second skin which you can choose every day and change when you want.


According to you, what are the most used methods to change our bodies nowadays?

I think most of people try to change their bodies with exercise. Nowadays people know the importance of a healthy life. Most of the time and due the beauty cannons, we are forced to change our bodies or even our lifestyle. Other people prefer plastic surgery to have their dreamed bodies or eternal youth.


How far we can go to change a body?

As far as you want.. The most important thing is feeling good with yourself. You choose the way, you choose your rules.


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