“Look mum no hands!” – not only for sport addicted.

“Look mum, no hands!” is an exclamation we all pronounced once in our life.

It represents one of the first challenges we overcome alone, without the help of adults, something we are so proud of that we want to share it to everyone. Do you remember the first time you said it?


Giulia Ghiggi, a junior fashion designer, has made “Look mum, no hands” as the motto of her capsule collection, composed by five cycling suits for contemporary women. By the way the main purpose of the capsule collection is to offer to not only to the bikers but also to “normal people” who ride bikes in the everyday life a comfortable and high-performance clothing, but without the preconceptions that are usually associated with the world of sportswear, considered by everyone a “trend” that is unsuited to the rules and standards of urban living.


Inclusiveness, contemporary and functionality are the three keywords that describes at 100% Giulia’s design methodology. The designer started from a white canvas worn on a “normal” body:
“I moved cuts and added padded inserts, modifying the silhouette, to obtain a product that reflected my aesthetic and the women’s need immersed in contemporary dynamism.”


Anyway, behind such a technical project there’s a singular sweetness. Did you notice the prints and the colors of the five cycling suit? 
The main inspiration for the prints and the color palette is her grandmother’s living room, a place where Giulia keeps memories of her long childhood afternoons, she studied all the details from the parquet to the sofa, of corse re-interpreted by her vision.


At the end of the day we can say that Giulia is one of the new talents in the Italian fashion scenario which use fashion not only for design a “good” product but also to improve every day life, in my opinion I found it so inspiring.

…”And now you are ready to get on your bike and scream “LOOK MUM NO HANDS”.



Fashion designer Giulia Ghiggi – fashion “Look mom No hands”
Photographer Arianna Genghini 
Stylist Luca Migliaro
Video Maker Lorenzo Basili
Set Designer Alberto Lotti
Model: Daria Rodianova – agency No logo women
Make up Artist Claudia Costa


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