Marguerite Barroux – A sailor dressed in femininity

Marguerite Barroux is an emerging designer who champions the uniqueness of women.

For Marguerite Barroux, femininity is not just a status, but an encouragement for the woman: to do something, to built yourself. Her fashion represents what she would like to see about herself, a first-hand experiment.

What is feminine for you?

For me femininity is in the small details of everyday life, attitudes, like a hair pulled back behind her ear, or even a bare shoulder… My creations highlight these details full of poetry.

In your opinion, what is the women situation in our society? You used washing gloves in shootings, what do they stand for?

I think that we cannot be satisfied with the place of women in our society today, even if female speech tends to free itself currently.
The place of women in society is indeed a cause that is particularly close to my heart and for which I fight every day.

In my collection “the Wall”, the gloves are protective gloves against toxic products, with them women can manipulate the world around them.
She appears through her transparent tulle structure, powerful and conquering, she exists.
She freely occupies and inhabits this space that I have built around her.

In your creation you use masks. What is the meaning of them?

The masks are the continuity of the clothes, they reinforce the identity of the woman. They represent a transparent protective separation between her and the outside world.
The transparency of the tulle allows the woman who wears it to keep her personality while sublimating her features, the mask makes the face sculptural and immutable.

I think you need to scream something that go over fashion. Could you explain more about?

I am a feminist, I fight every day to make women equal to men in society. Fashion represent moments of life that allow me to shout and go beyond fashion.

I create strong images that become almost political. I mix dramatic, imposing and light structures, to share my feelings as a woman in this world.

Womenswear or Menswear?

Womenswear, I like to work on the body that represents me. It is like an image of myself with which I can play and express myself freely, especially in terms of volume. But Menswear also interests me, it brings other challenges.

Do you like to be known like an artist, a fashion designer, an illustrator or something else? Why? 

Art, fashion and illustration are a part of me, of my inspirations, of my sensitivity. I am both fashion designer, illustrator and artist, these different practices feed my work. Coming from a family of artists, I grew up surrounded by references from the art world, architecture and illustration.

Illustration is the first medium with which I learned to express myself and remains the first step when I create a garment. Fashion came from a desire to move from 2D to 3D, and came very intuitively.

Besides, I don’t make any essential difference between art and fashion, for me fashion is a form of art.


Photographer: Alice Pallot
Model: Marthe Teerlynck IMM Agency
MUA: Laura Morel

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