Marras family – ONEG “rebirth”

‘Rebirth’, a concept so wide that a few lines would not be enough to describe even a small part of it.

Let’s try through images: photos coming from the alliance of people thrilled to share and communicate. – “Hey, we are right here and we can build something meaningful together, keeping track of what has been done before”.
ONEG and Antonio Marras’ paths cross and bring to life a completely unexpected family picture. So, as the magazine enquires the meaning of rebirth and freedom searching into our recent past, the brand digs into family memories to bring to light a new vision of past lives: the renaissance of an old wardrobe whose owner lived before our times and which evolves in order to tell new stories.

Patrizia Marras told ONEG her vision of Rebirth:

“Objects, clothes, fabrics that are forgotten can live a new life and tell other stories, different stories but personal ones, real stories that are born from the same plant: the desire for rebirth!
The will of giving a second opportunity to those who don’t have one, the wish of using clothes as peace ambassadors with new ways to exist in this world, building new visions and thoughts.
It’s a revolutionary concept because rebirth is circular poetics, it’s giving new life.
It’s adding value and making the best experiences repeatable, it’s building connection.
It’s believing in awakening and creating a perfect gesture.
It’s the Phoenix rising from its own ashes.
It’s resilience. The Giambattista Vico’s “corsi e ricorsi” theory, things happening for a predestined will, something already written.
We are animists and we think everything has a soul.
And we are here, ready to tell new tales”.

Creative director & stylist Elvis Furlan
Fashion editor Edoardo Bertazzoni
Photographer Fabrizio Milazzo
Make-up & Hair Rossella Pastore
assisted by Christian Manzoni
Models are from @rollover_people
Article translated by Elena Canesso
Special thanks to Leonardo Marras


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