Five material-oriented brands – they live in a craft way

Every time you hear the word “Fashion”, it is often associated with a simple thought, made by influencers and advertising; luckily it’s not just that.

Many designers still have an eye on the product, on what is handmade, on the embroidery and on many fabrics, which look for the right mixture to propose to the creative environment. Being a fashion designer is not only designing and selling, but also producing, in a sustainable way, showing more and more their skills, and having fun.

Here is a selection of designers and brands whose strength lies in the materials strength:

  • Ludovic de Saint Serning

Ludovic de Saint Serning, Creative Director of the homonymous brand – among his creations there is also the one on crop tops, under the acronym LDSS , in partnership with Swarovski – is a French designer who makes aesthetics, beauty and sensuality the keys of his collections. With his philosophy, it offers the savoir-fair and the know-how of France: from design to fabrics, his aim is to create sustainable garments, and to propose materials of various kinds such as leather, knitwear, jewelry for embroidery. Each piece is designed to last longer and provide pleasant and harmonious sensations on the body.

  • MTOF

MTOF is a knitwear brand , established by Mario Foroni and Paola Titoni in 2017, then entrusted to Eleonora Abbate and Alessia Beraldin as Creative Directors. For them knitwear is life,and  it represents a dimension which is strongly rooted in Italian know-how, with which they relate day by day. Each creation is, without any doubt, environment-friendly because they come from the stock, which is often thrown away without being used: waste. With knit you can play, you have fun, you can grow each garment as if it were a child, from yarn to sweater, to skirts, to scarves and coats, imprinting in the single an immense energy: MTOF is knit. Point.

  • Extreme Cashmere

Extreme cashmere, a brand established in 2016 in Amsterdam, follows a unique philosophy: to create garments for all bodies, suitable for all occasions, performing, sustainable and one-size. his knitwear brand is distinguished by, without doubt, to its attention to details and aesthetics, through which it reinvents the classic style through unisex pieces, shapes and colors. Behind each creation, there is a technical study on materials which combines the stylistic research – carried out by the brand –  in order to achieve ‘pieces of long life’ and great quality.

  • Edward Cuming

Edward Cuming founded his brand in 2019, thanks to his experience  as a designer,more cultures are mixed- and that comes from his choices and background. He is born in Australia, studied at Central Saint Martin’s and founded his brand in Madrid. Edward Cuming, thanks to his passion and great introspection forthe male world, pursues the goal of creating the idea of an atypical man, twisting the rules of tailoring, aimed at sensory experience. The weapons at his disposal are: the bold use of colors and patterns, the languorous silhouette and the desire to make the ephemeral real, by giving it a physical form.

  • Cecilia Del Carmen Juarez Balta

Cecilia Del Carmen Juarez Balta is a Peruvian designer with a strong know-how on the product’s transformation The great ability of manipulation of fabrics and yarns characterizes each of her creations, moreover, this allows her to permeate each piece of her aesthetic and philosophy, creating a thin line of boundary between what is considered beautiful and what is considered ugly. By deconstructing the form, she elevates it to an ambiguous state: it contains the beautiful, but apparently it is ugly. It can be said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and just waiting to be taken out.



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