Naïve Drawings – Edda Gimnes

Humanity had the need to express their own vision of the world and the found the way through illustration, what is in front of you is not relative but absolute; the different perceptions born when it pass by your pupils and got refracted. Have you already intuited it? My antithesis is about reality/perception in comparison with a prism effect: reality is like the light (absolute) and when it passes by the prism and got refracted it turns relative. Is exactly what happens in society. 


Having said that, and even being surrounded by technology, illustration will never be out of style because the freedom it gives to the artist is invaluable, expression has no limits there and nowadays art goes beyond a canvas. Let’s take a fashion designer as an example. Today I present to you Edda Gimnes.


Edda is a Norwegian womenswear designer who graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2015, when she set up her own brand. Her mission is to continue combining fashion and arts in a new and unexpected way, focusing on naive cuts and visually striking graphic prints and is here when the two dimensions of the illustration meet the 3D dimension of the body and got melted. 


Her designs are particular pieces of art because contrary to what a conventional artist would do, she draws with her non-dominant hand, which adds an element of unaffected innocence to her designs and illustrations. The core identity of the brand is naivety, playfulness, imperfection and quirkiness.


Her talent is not questionable. She has won several prizes as the BFTA, Saga Fur Competition Award in London 2015, The International Fur Federations Remix Bronze Award in conjunction with Italian Vogue in Milan in 2016, ´Ones to Watch ́ with Fashion Scout in London in 2016, The Designer for Tomorrow Award in Berlin with Alber Elbaz as the patron,  and the most recent: the Merit Award with Fashion Scout as well as the Norwegian designer of the Year Costume award in 2018. Discover more about her latest collectionHERE.


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