Orfeo Rave – between music, myth and fashion

Orfeo Rave: between music, myth and fashion. This is the collection presented by the designer Elvis Furlan, in collaboration with Enrico Tondelli, which find its inspiration in an album signed by Tito Schipa Jr., Orfeo 9.


In the album of the 70s, the singer, supported in some of the song by emerging artists like Loredana Bertè and Renato Zero, reinterprets the myth of Orpheus and Euridice: the story of two young the see their love broke because the early death of the girl. Orpheus will start the research of the lost love, thus the two designers dip their self in a travel of contaminated fashion. The key to contemporary reading, which looks back to the 2000s, allows the duo from the double E to transform their creativity into reality. Here is the genesis of Orpheus Rave.

Orfeo Rave transmits freedom, to understand this message it’s enough to think to rave and everything will become more limpid. The collection shows clothes which inspire huge sensibility, adapt to all bodies, being genderless. The specific element is the use of color block. Between primary colors, blue and fucsia stand out which symbolize the two figures, one for Orpheus and one for Euridice. This assonance, Orpheus-blue and Euridice-fucsia, hides a strong critic to the concepts that the society imposed and is imposing – today in a more delicate way, hopefully – to all us: the gender of the colors, blue for boy and fucsia for girl.

Elvis Furlan and Enrico Tondelli want throw the opposite message – listen it!
The prints in the collection come from the film ‘Orfeo 9’ have been reworked and digitised, become them garment. The same scenes are the background of the Orfeo Rave’s look book, diving the observer in a spiral make of colors, light, sounds and emotions making him a participant of a fashion rave.

Orfeo Rave, also, symbolize the Onirico’s revival: a project started years ago by Elvis Furlan, which was interrupted to give space to personal growth by seeking that maturity to face the challenges of leading a brand. Today, Onirico comes back with Elvis Furlan and Enrico Tondelli as co-creative directors.

Photography Benjamin Vitti
Creative Directors Elvis Furlan & Enrico Tondelli
Fashion Editor Edoardo Bertazzoni
Model Riccardo Santalucia
MUA Paola Crudo
Set Designer Lea Frangipane



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