The best of Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week, I would venture to say ‘as always’, is an explosion of ideas, but above all of ways of communicating them. The proposals come from real names that do not waste time to highlight their world and make us sit at the table with them. 

Some brands opted for physical runway “of a few intimate”, as Valentino of Pierpaolo Piccioli that for its time, under his creative direction, parades in Milan (and not Paris). Others preferred a digital approach, a term that for someone is reductive: GCDS proposed a virtualization of guest, garments and models. A very shared show. About Moschino built his own personal House of Dolls, turn them into puppets, and so on. We could add more, but the focus of ONEG is: emerging designers. 


Space! In all senses, but not to be understood as a play on words. The SS21 Collection by Anna Yang shows us how sexy an extraterrestrial can be by dressing the colors of the galaxy and forgetting the green-looking being that we all know. For this Milan Fashion Week, Annakiki has studied the events of the Via Lattea taking inspiration from them, transforming it into pink, orange, blue and purple patterns with all their shades up to black and colors such as grey and beige studded with ‘stars’. If Anna Yang’s outfits were observed at the telescope, we could see very easily the shape of these natural events that, she, made tangible and wearable. Who wouldn’t want to wear a Supernova? 


With the SS21 Collection, played through the street of Milan, more exactly Via Lecco, a zone known by the most as a meeting place and acceptance, at the scream of LOVE is LOVE: Marco Rambaldi proposed a fashion focused on soft fabrics, denim and mini skirt and a rain of colorful knitwear. Pattern, colors and patchwork were on the order of the day, so the designer put in prominence an attitude that played on the opposites and on the concept of layers. Each looks that paraded conveys pride, whether you are in your comfort zone, or not.


Futurist. Innovation. Fashion. These are the keywords that bring in the philosophy of the brand. With the fashion film, the SS21 Collection, [I’m in the LIVING ROOM. Where Are You?], immerses us in a dystopian, alternative world: a fashionable version of the reality of Tron Legacy.
The looks: colors, a lot of colors, like green, yellow, schocking pink, light blue and red, are combined to small touch of white, grey and black, up to the end with the appearance of Little Red Riding Hood Mistress Style able to inspire fear to the wolf.


This is how a strong woman is presented, who is not afraid to dare mixing a wide variety of solid color prints, on jackets, skirts and tights. This is the SS21 Collection of the brand. During this MFW the Shuting Qiu woman is surrounded by a storm of color and floral envy to the fields of Dutch tulips, alternating with stripes, tartan and a pinch of solid colors; while each model tells its story in the totality of artistic expression and modeling: jackets, dresses and ruffles. 


“ETHEREAL” is the name of the SS21 Collection in Calcaterra. During the MFW, the brand, through a digital clip that based on the introspective ability of the designer, proposed a new vision that goes beyond the concrete, with the aim of seeking the essence of women. The tools used for this treasure hunt are: color, environment and lights. The color is lost in the land of candour, the white is sovereign, while lights and environment build a physical dimension, but at the same time imaginary that focuses spirit and time. 


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