The “New” Prada: SS21 Collection

Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada “get married”, they join together their philosophy and their minds to create a new kind of “baby”.

Finally it’s time, one of the most attended events of this Milan Fashion Week: Prada fashion show. We can talk about a collection, SS21, in which Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons (just to remember few brands on which he has posed his gentle touch: Jil Sanders and Dior) are the true main characters of the show.

Starting with its first runway as Co-creative Director, Prada, provides to all eyes an almost suggestive result that mixes the aesthetic of the homonymous brand with the streetwear and technique of the belgic designer.

As regards the garment, they combine large volumes of the iconic Prada skirt with more compact tops, some of that pierced, and coats, a lot of coats, embellished by lettering and motifs that speak the Prada-language.

Plain colors, that ranging from white and black to grey, passing by yellow as its complementary, the violet, greeting pink, are fragmented by simple and timeless patterns such as a pois, florals and geometrical drawings. A collection that overshadow, without too much congratulations, the clothes, giving space to the accessories: purse and backpack are able to make shine the entire outfit, the pointed toe from the mini-heel to the hanging earrings that show the triangle logo.

Prada SS21 Collection is dotted with logos, many logos. There is a <wise> use and an <intelligent> abuse of the Prada label proposed in a lot of different ways.

Speaking about the runway set reference, it is made by a transposition of the use of technology at the time of Covid-19: our best friends was our devices we own (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.) with which we have done “great things”, some of which “terribles”, but great. Naturally it’s a joke.

Many words can be said about what we have looked, and many others we could only suppose. At the moment, ONEG chooses to leave you with some sentences of this two Creative Director.

Raf: “I think fashion in general kind of hopes always for the new and as Miuccia as well every designer wants to be news, but I think, when you are in it for a longer time, let’s say a few decades, it’s important to be able to refresh your own body of work and me, personally, I feel like the pure definition of new, for me means like it’s really something we’ve never seen before…”

Miuccia Prada: “… so, the more you are connected in reality with the reality and with people, the more your job make sense. For me this is a foundamental issue… You have to be connected to people from what you read, from what you learn, from what you discuss, so, the more you are connected in reality with the world, the more probably your job is interesting.”



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