Upcycled shoes // Five talents who dialogue with Upcycling

Here’s how to keep an eye on topics like Upcycling – setting it up as an Instagram # wouldn’t probably be such a bad idea. Upcycling also gets into the shoe world and these five creatives can prove it.


Upcycling, Upcycling, Upcycling! Just not to forget – it wouldn’t actually be possible though. Today everyone talks about recycling, reusing, reinventing and giving new life to discarded clothes, fabric waste and every material that could be possibly worn.
Fashion is more and more pursuing the concept of sustainability: someone designs something that can be related to art, another one creates wearable products; each part has a common point – more or less – the uniqueness.

As follows, we present five emerging designers with their focus on upcycled shoes:

Héloise Bouteille

Héloise, knitwear designer, France; This is the example of how the yarn, with apparently no solid structure, can be molded and turned into a shoe. The research over chains, knots and stitches in order to create cozy and unconventional fitting sandals and sneakers.

Tabitha Ringwood

A game of shapes and contrasts features this designer’s projects. The shoe upper and the base are two sides of a coin that Tabitha links tightly. The signature feature of her creations is clearly one: a breathtaking heel.

Brogan Smith

The study behind Brogan Smith’s strong boots design is completely clean-cut and besides it has a streak of domination. The creative process behind each of its designs is a constantly changing mix and match, based on the assembly of fabric waste, zips, patches, straps and trimming, buttons and buckles.

Ancuta Sarca

Ancuta Sarca, a simple and pure feeling that gives every outfit uniqueness through its creations, following the Fashion System’s trends: from pointy to square toes, from spool heels to geometrical ones, right to the impressive tabs.

Spirit Guide 9

Spirit Guide 9 transforms every creation in a subversive icon through screams coming from a dystopian world. The brand exploits the structures of sneakers, rollerblades, football shoes and more, boosting them up with colorful and vibrant fur inserts.



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