VNMNS1926 – An intimate project

VNMNS1926 , through the passion of the creator and his crew, mixes art, fashion and music enclosed in a sweet dedication to the city that they respect: Naples.

VNMNS1926, anagram of Vienm’nsuonno, literally from the dialect: ‘vienimi in sogno’ (“come to my dreams” in English), it is the Neapolitan brand born from the idea of Massimo Parisi and Annalia de Falco.

The origins of this design are full of meanings, basing their essence on paradoxes, you could add ‘mystical’ because Holy and Evil continuously change their places. Two spheres so distant, diametrically opposite, but as close to each other as to interact. 

This is Naples, the city is known for his attachment to symbols, such as Virgin Mary, Januarius (martyr and saint of the Catholic Church) and Parthenope (from Greek παρθενος “parthenos”, meaning “maiden, virgin”). About Parthenope is said to be a mermaid, a mythological creature half human and half animal, become an icon of Naples and, today, muse of the brand. 

The VNMNS1926 collection is represented by an iconic product, its diamond tip, the scarves. This accessory, consisting of wool (80%), used for its soft colors, and acrylic (20%) to enhance the range of colors, represents the varied Neapolitan symbology exhibiting graphics of some of the historic districts of the city that the designer and his group of friends have lived, such as Mergellina, Secondigliano, Rione Sanità, and others. 

The direct experience of Massimo and Annalia with their own city, leads them to identify icons, colors and various significant elements of these neighborhoods, placed later on the scarves. A choice that leaves nothing to chance: the model of accessory chosen represents the typical one of the Ultras; which other sport if not football is able to enthuse the Neapolitan citizens (and all of Italy)?

VNMNS1926 explores every Neapolitan element and takes inspiration from its colors: green Vesuvius , blue night sea, yellow tarallo, red carnation, blue from the Naples football team, thus demonstrating how much heart you can still infuse in fashion today.

The prospects of the brand are remarkable, impossible to tell in a single story and from a single voice, just as VNMNS1926 offers various artistic collaborations. To name a few: the shooting with the photographer Luigi Sgambato, the short films around Naples with Michael Liguori and soon we will talk about a collaboration with the graphic designer Tiago Aguas Scotti; the result is represented by an explosion of more creative minds, grouped in one great choir.


Photography Luigi Sgambato
Fashion Jessica Iorio
Make up & Hair Silvia Sidoli
Model Cris @wonderwall

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