What Bubble Issue is? An ONEG tail

Starting to talk about ‘bubble’, we may think if it is referred to a physic one or not. On dictionary, the word bubble means a tiny spheroidal cavity filled of gas that is developed on the surface of a liquid or in it. ONEG’s purpose aims to expand the concept of ‘a simply bubble’ to a world where everyone can dive itself.


Total look Elvis Furlan


All people have their own bubble place made of art, fairy, emotions, objects, memories and so on. Each of them can be present or not and its depend on the subject who lives the journey in the other world. Humans need a location just for them, where they can run away from reality, where the can feel exactly how they want, where everything is possible, where desires come true. The keyword is: evasion!

Shirt and skirt Elvis Furlan, necklace Gerlando, shoes Malone Souliers


Evasion from our regular life. It is like a button to be pressed or a walk trough a wardrobe or a mirror and we can say ‘Here I am!’, thus we can live the experience. To show how it works, we propose a special editorial on the emerging designer, Elvis Furlan.

Total look Elvis Furlan


“What does Bubble Issue means for you?” This is the question we asked to Elvis, and we didn’t have to wait a lot for the answer, he said: “My perfect place, where I can fell well is made of work… work with fashion, that is my dream.” It could sound weird for many people, but for us was unexpected answer. Join together, we created a very famous scenery inspired to ‘Devil wears Prada’, where people, who fall in love with fashion, can live their passion  screaming “everybody wants to be us”.

On the left: top and skirt Elvis Furlan, jacket Armani, earrings Radà, bag Halite, shoes Iindaco, headband Beatrice B; on the right: dress Elvis Furlan, tights Calzedonia, bag Halite, shoes Malone Souliers


Emotion over emotion, clothes by clothes and step by step, Elvis Furlan showed and shared with us his magic little place. We suggest to know him and to discover more about, thus you are able to see with your eyes what means living fashion. Living Elvis Furlan.

Top and pants Elvis Furlan, earrings Radà


On the left: total look Elvis Furlan; on the right: shirt and shorts Elvis Furlan, jacket Armani, sunglasses Italia Independent, shoes Oteri


Art Direction & Production ONEG Factory
Photography Jon Bronxl
Fashion Elvis Furlan
Styling Camilla Battistella
Make-up & Hair Filippo Ferrari
Models Jenni Lee Kestner @Monster management & Francesca Riccio Cobucci @Urbn Milan
Fashion Journalism Edoardo Bertazzoni
Ph. Assistant Marta Merico
Styling Assistant Paola Malara


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