Windowsen – The Antwerps strike again!

An immeasurable legacy behind, a name to keep high: Windowsen becomes creator of hidden, submerged worlds that chooses to exhibit without fear.

Windowsen is a new born brand developed in Antwerp in 2019, led by Sensen Lii.

“I want to do my own brand is quite easy to understand, I want to design myself, I mean completely follow my own ideas. I want to express my personal world to other people. So in my brand, I can totally grasp the whole concept, I think it’s a more suitable way for me to work in fashion industry.” – that is what the creative director told us.

Windowsen proposes a magical and spatial fashion, with its outfits created a fairy world, Wonderland, inhabited by extraterrestrials with human appearance. This representation of the New World challenges the laws of nature. The designer’s inner self enjoys playing with colors, shapes and ‘beings’ of various kinds. 

Through its creation it is possible to travel, standing still, through galaxies each with its inhabitants, which obviously, do not move with ordinary vehicles, but decide to ride giant reptilesa little like Alice asking for a passage to Grafobrancio, Just less gloomy tones, definitely not Tim Burton.

Windowsen proposes a, possible, futuristic reality: how will we dress in 2100? What will science have discovered about new life forms and what will genetics have done? To all this Sensen Lii gave a motivation through his know-how and his creativity. To observe his projects means to immerse oneself in a new reality, able to make to dream with open eyes.

As“by tradition” the Antwerp weaned Designer by supernatural creativity, just think of the six most famous Ann demeulemeester, Drie van Noten, Dirk bikkembergs, Walter van beirendonck, Dirk van Saene and Marina Yee, or to Martin margiela who have succeeded in giving birth to your own version of fashion, and Windowsex is no an exception.


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