A non-based Agency specialized in Photo Production

ONEG Factory is a team of young creative minds, providing expert services and fresh ideas to the fashion, beauty, luxury industries.

With years of experience in the editorial field with ONEG Magazine – a digital and print publication with the main goal to support emerging talents – we curate from digital and social strategy to content creation, from art direction and production to branding consultancy. Defining a social strategy and establishing an editorial calendar, managing content production and shootings, curating daily publications and driving engagement numbers.

To create “a visual journey” was our first motto and we still put our heart and soul into this project. From defining the perfect mood and styling impactful looks to arranging photoshoots and designing lookbooks that will make a lasting impression, we come up with strong visions and make them happen by curating every aspect, working hand-in-hand with our clients each step.

Whether it’s e-commerce or printed media, we operate across all platforms with the digital know-how from our generation.

Showcasing new talents has always been part of our DNA, that is why we want to continue following this value and help new talents building their brand identity through our agency.

Creative Direction || Production || Creative Social Media Management || Branding and Corporate Image